A New Original Musical!

A New Musical with original book, music and lyrics by Hugues Jocelyn
Cano that includes a musical journey in song with Broadway Blues, We
Have a Voice, Old Jack Blues, Twisted Beetle Twist, Lilypada Waltz, Who
is There?, Gotta Love Your Rancho Oh!
and more.


Change is in the air when young Liya learns her mother is planning to move
them from New York City to her hometown of Rancho Cucamonga. Her
Grammy and Grandpa are excited, but Liya doesn’t want to leave all her
friends at the Performing Arts School. She looks for guidance from her
father, but he only gives her a mysterious message about a secret garden.


Falling asleep and dreaming, Liya is transported and lost in an imaginary
land inhabited by the Lilypas, beautiful giant dancing butterflies. Ruled by
Queen Lilypas, Liya is offered help to get home and introduced to a cadre
of comical characters who will keep her safe from the OooAaas and Bat
Faith. With help from Libelle, Jack the Turtle, Thorn the Twisted Beetle, Sir
Snobby Snail, the Lilypas and others, Liya must go on a quest to find her
way home. Along the way, she learns to fly with joy – overcoming her fears
and learning to believe in herself while respecting the differences in others.

Book, Music, and Lyrics: Hugues-Jocelyn Cano
Choreography and Staging: Zayin Elleni Cano and Michael Milligan

Lewis Family Playhouse

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

March 11, 2023 – 2:00pm

March 12, 2023 – 2:00pm