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Joshua Collins

Joshua Collins is a movement coach predominantly coaching gymnastics in southern California. He began his performance career competing in the sport of the arts which is known as color guard. Joshua has earned a silver and bronze medal in the international winter guard circuit known as WGI. He is currently slotted to compete again this season with the local team Diamante to try and obtain that elusive Gold medal. Joshua decided to dive deep into the art of movement and start training in dance to enhance his movement scores for color guard competitions, however, his passion for dance quickly took precedence. He began his studies at Chaffey Community College throwing himself into every dance class he could fit into his schedule. Joshua is continuing his movement training through circus and ballet, and was has recently featured in the circus show “Mirage” at the Stage Global in downtown Pomona. He also appeared at the Candlelight Pavilion in their 2021 production of Billy Elliot as Older Billy. Joshua has worked in the festival and party circuit around SoCal using his circus talents to amaze audiences and crowds with his many different circus apparatuses and props. He is very proud to join the Inland Pacific Ballet Company as a performer and the IPB Academy as a coach.

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